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12:12 SONG

Sunday, May 29, 2011 · 12:00am - 12:00pm

Actual Size is pleased to announce 12:12 Song. Beginning at 12 midnight May 29th and continuing through the night until 12 noon on Sunday, May 29th, this improvisatory sound work will include featured performances by over 40 artists and musicians, who will collaboratively fill the gallery with sound for the 12 hour duration. The public is invited to listen and contribute to the work through improvisation. Participants are encouraged to bring their own instruments and sleeping bags. Breakfast will be served at 8:00am. Contact for further information.

Collaborative performances will take place in New York, San Francisco, Oslo and Copenhagen concurrently.

Featured performers include:


Danielle Adair

Karen Adelman


Lazaro Arvizu

Tim Becker 

Jordan Bielsky

Sean Boylan

Gerald Davis

Fay Davis-Jeffers

Dave Deany 

Rob Doran


Max Duck 

Olivia Fales 

Corey Fogel


Butchy Fuego

Ben Goddard

M. Geddes Gengras

Gene Hazel and the Artificial Lights

Golden Hits 

Katie Herzog

Daniel Hope

Julia Hotler

Charles Irvin

Keith Rocka Knittel

Josh Lee

Richard Lidinsky

Mark Medina

Fritz Meier

Evan Ross Murphy

Natasha Newman Thomas

Nadda Noor


Eamon Ore-giron

Pit- Er Pat

Heather Porcaro

Renata Raksha 

Tony Ramirez

Sarah Rara

Michael Ray Von

Parisa Rezvani

Benny Reiss 

Aaron Rose

Alex Schniderman

Seventy-five Librarians in Denmark

Sun Araw

Joseph Stewart 

Mark Verabioff

Patrick Walsh

Aaron Wrinkle

Yelena Zhelezov

...And special guests

Flyer design by Okyovision.





Karen Adelman is an artist, writer, and vocalist living in Los Angeles. She is currently pursuing her MFA at USC.



Danielle Adair is an artist born in northern Michigan and based in LA. She uses performance to investigate the cultural institutions and roles we inhabit. Her projects often take the form of video, installation, performance events and texts.



Jordan Bielski is an international. An international what, you ask? He is a travel writer, improv musician, fair-weathered actor, and committed street performer. He also moonlights as an educator. Jordan is from New York City, and he drinks bourbon.



Sean Boylan received his education at Bard College and The Slade School of Fine Art. Boylan is represented by Lowerdeck Gallery, San Francisco.



From May 28 – June 7, 2011, seventy-five librarians from around the world will bike 650 km from Copenhagen to Berlin in the first ever library conference on wheels. On the second day of the ride, the group will gather together in Præstø, Denmark, to sing songs over skype for the folks at Actual Size Los Angeles.



Gerald Davis (born 1974) is an artist based in Los Angeles. Davis was born in Pittsburgh. His paintings and drawings are delicately rendered in oil paint and pencil, using muted, almost monochrome, colours. His work deals with his memories of childhood trauma, sexuality and desire. He received his BFA from the Pennsylvania State University in 1997 and his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1999.



Fay Davis-Jeffers is a recording and performing artist. She is a founding member of the internationally touring band Pit Er Pat. She is currently living in Los Angeles, finishing her first solo record.



Rob Doran is an artist and musician living in Los Angeles. He has performed and recorded with Pit Er Pat, Glasser, Big Search and Matteah Baim, and is currently working on an exhibition of his sculpture and painting to open at Western Projects in Los Angeles.



Corey Marc Fogel (b. 1977) is a drummer and performance artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Corey performs and composes in many rock, jazz, noise, folk, and chamber music capacities. His solo

work is based around improvisational encounters with sounds, objects, personalities, textiles, foods, spanning the disciplines of video, dance, and installation. In addition to touring and recording nationally and abroad, Corey has presented work with Machine Project, LACMA, The Wulf,




Butchy Fuego is a producer, drummer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, recording engineer and visual artist. He has played all over the world with acts such as Boredoms, M.I.A., Pit Er Pat, Nite Jewel, Aska Matsumiya, Matteah Baim, Hisham Bharoocha, NA FUEGO, Zach Hill, Lucky Dragons, in addition to performing solo and in numerous improvisational settings. In the studio, he's worked with Red Krayola, Lou Barlow, Pit Er Pat, Abe Vigoda, Aska, Soft Circle, Hecuba, These Are Powers, Rainbow Arabia, and more.



Golden Hits is a shining sound family formed by dublab drone dreamers > Ben Knight (the Tyde), frosty (Adventure Time), Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel), Katie Byron (LA Building Club) and Nanny Cantaloupe (Brainsucking Peanunanners). Together they create spontaneous soundscapes to elevate ears in unique environments. You can hear some archives of these moments on our blog.



M. Geddes Gengras is a musician, producer, and dj living in east Los Angeles. A former member of Pocahaunted, he currently plays in Robedoor, and Warm Climate, as well as recording music under his own name that describes the line connecting Terry Riley, Nurse With Wound, and Bernie Worrell. He runs Green Machines recording studio, co-founded the WHERE'S YR CHILD DJ collective and, most recently, returned from Jamaica where he recorded and album with legendary roots reggae group The Congos.



Gene Hazel and the Artificial Lights (Featuring Members of Skyscrapers II) is a jam collective from Los Angeles. It is a side project of Gifts and Flowers founding members Cally Robertson and Conor Thompson.



Katie Herzog’s cross-disciplinary practice engages library science as a conceptual platform to investigate epistemology and painting. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design, a Master of Fine Arts from UC San Diego, and studied Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. Residencies include Skowhegan, the Banff Centre, Program Initiative for Art and Architecture Collaborations, and a forthcoming lexicography residency at Bblackboxx in Basel, Switzerland. She is currently the Director of the Molesworth Institute and a Reference Librarian and Artist in Residence at the Whittier Public Library. Recent solo exhibitions include Abstractivism (currently on view at the Whittier Central Library), Gravity is Always Attractive at PØST, Informel at Actual Size, and an upcoming show at the Palo Alto Research Center.



Daniel Hope is a sometimes artist, othertimes busy-body, and weekend drummer in the rock duo Practice Band. He is happy to be collaborating with his roommate, Danielle Adair, on something other than peace and quiet.



Keith Rocka Knittel lives and works in San Pedro, California. He recently received his MFA from CalArts, and is represented by Anthony Greaney Gallery.



Richard Lidinsky, b. 1976 Baltimore, MD, writes independently for print, stage and visual media. In December 2010 he participated in the exhibition Situations and Forms at Loisaida in New York. He is currently filming a dramatic piece, Mean Streets and Pastel Houses, in New York and Los Angeles, to be exhibited in July 2011 at Beacon Arts. Interested actors and non-actors should contact him c/o Actual Size Los Angeles.



Hailing from the swamps and tundra of Milwaukee Wisconsin, Evan Ross Murphy's works reflect symbolic discovery and mastery of diverse theoretical landscapes. Envisioning frontier worlds where primitive skill sets are still needed, and are won from native guides and hardship. With a style informed by his own gathering of these skills, his works, from painting's and sculpture, to music and film act as a map for adventuring through his, and our world. Currently Living and Working as an Art Director in Los Angeles California.



When Natasha Newman-Thomas isn’t working on avant garde comedy routines, she spends her time shopping, driving, eating and sleeping.



Eamon Ore-Giron received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has exhibited his work internationally in numerous group and solo shows, including a recent solo show at Steve Turner Gallery in Los Angeles, California. He also organizes sound and music projects, operating under the names of Los Jaijackers and DJ LENGUA. Ore-Giron currently lives and works in Los Angeles.



Aaron Rose (1969) is an artist, film director, curator and writer currently living in Los Angeles. He was co-curator of the Beautiful Losers touring art exhibit, and edited the collected art book released in 2004. Rose is also the director of the documentary film Beautiful Losers (2008) and recently completed the short documentary film Become A Microscope based on the life of 1960’s artist/activist nun Sister Corita. His publishing imprint, Alleged Press releases hardcover books by contemporary artists. He is also co-editor (along with Ed Templeton & Brendan Fowler) of RVCA's ANP Quarterly magazine.



Cameron Stallones began his musical career as a founding member of the experimental psychedelic rock collective Magic Lantern. Soon after, demos originally intended to light the Lantern became the first Sun Araw LP: The Phynx. Sun Araw blossomed as a solo project in attempted geosynchronous orbit with the Eternal Now: oblique six-dimensional transmissions from changeless environs. Devoted to long-form mantric music, the ethos is similar: straight lampin’ in deep focus, angle after angle on the melodic object, gaining strength from the subsequent breakdown of the illusion of fixed perspective. 

Since 2007, 4 full-length LPs, 3 EPs, and 5 cassettes have walked the mind-planes from psychedelic drone to melted afrobeat, from warped dub to minimal composition. These releases have been praised in Wire Magazine (who selected Heavy Deeds as one of the top 50 records of 2008, and On Patrol in the top 50 of 2010), The New Yorker, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Uncut Magazine, Mojo, Pitchfork, and beyond. Sun Araw has performed in the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand with hundreds of artists including luminaries like Christian Fennesz and Konono No. 1.



Joseph Stewart is a composer, sound designer and audio engineer. Born in 1984 in Los Angeles. Graduated Bard College 2006, BA Electronic Music. Sound work is primarily improvised long-form computer music with custom software, focusing on acoustic experiences of scale, architecture and physiology.



Canadian born Los Angeles-based artist Mark Verabioff is known for distinctive conversations using word as image. Since 1985 the artist has been in a highly committed relationship with the critical interrogation of form and its social-political capabilities. The work has been identified with video, site- and situationist-based performative-actions, and context art. An overarching concern in his work is the relationship between language, aesthetics and content, moving in and out of logic, absurdity, provocation and seduction. Selected solo exhibitions, performative-actions, video screenings include "mark verabioff abled woman train wreck hard fuck hairy la" DAN GRAHAM, Los Angeles, CA (2010); "Secret Spill 2010" LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division), LAB, Los Angeles, CA (2010); "OUTWARD MODEL" Eighth Veil, Los Angeles, CA (2009); "overawe" Angstrom Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2008); "mark verabioff oinks faculty insurgent phyllis allen 570-6 for model pleasure III" Mandrake, Los Angeles, CA (2007.)



J Patrick Walsh III employs reclaimed wax from candles found in thrift stores in order to construct corporeal geometric sculptures. Like protoliths, the candles are transformed in the studio to become a striated metamorphic solid. Walsh manipulates his material, altering it in form while revealing its essence as a plastic changeable substance. His works reference organic forms, Minimalism, and Pop Art. In his practice Walsh seeks to relate found, fabricated and raw elements to find the place and position where these components can reach a particular harmony. It is the re-contextualization and interaction between these objects that exposes an immediate sense of materiality.



Aaron Wrinkle (Aurora, Missouri, 1978) received an MFA from CalArts and BFA in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute. His paintings, photographs, billboards, and sculptures engage with the politics of art history, frequently incorporating the exhibiting art institution itself. His work questions the sorting and ranking of objects that are exhibited in museums and galleries (Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory, New Museum & Phaidon Press, 2009). Recent projects include his current role as director of the conceptual art space Dan Graham in Chinatown, Los Angeles; Demolition, Construction and Exhibition Space Build Out, Original Dan Graham, Echo Park, Los Angeles, 2008-2010; andFull Restoration of Conceptual Artist Douglas Huebler’s 1977 Volvo, CalArts, 2007-2008. Curatorial projects include Summer Dudes, 2010; In conversation w/ Dan Graham, Pavilions Documented, 2010; Dan Finsel and Cary Georges, 2009, all at Dan Graham, Los Angeles; and Collection of Diana Zlotnick: Works by Baldessari, Burden and Pettibon, Studio City, CA, 2010.



Yelena Zhelezov iis a Belarusian-Israeli artist based in Los Angeles. Yelena’s work investigates the body biological and social in space and time, and as such takes form of installation, video, and puppetry/ object performance. Yelena holds an MFA in Puppetry and Integrated Media from California Institute of the Arts. She has shown work at various spaces, such as Museum of Jurassic Technology, Materials and Applications landscape and architecture research center, LACMA, IkoIko Space, and the Hammer Museum.

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