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Actual Size Collection at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA)


Open Hours- January 29, 2015 6-8pm


LA Book Fair

Collection available for viewing at LACA during public hours following LA Book Fair

Materials may be accessed at:


This display is an exhibit of representative items from the Actual Size Los Angeles Collection which resides at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA). Actual Size Los Angeles is an artist run gallery that presents works and projects by emerging and established artists within an intimate space. For the last 5 years it has hosted over 60 events within a shifting program of group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, installation and performance as well curatorial and programmatic interventions. The project endeavors to engage the public and shift relationships between the viewer, curator, bystander and creator. The gallery is located in a small storefront at 741 New High Street. Actual Size is directed by Justin John Greene and Corrie Siegel.


The Actual Size collection represents a diverse array of artworks, ephemera, press releases, correspondence, installation refuse, and publications. These items had been stored primarily in the gallery closet since Actual Size’s inception in April 2010 and the gift of this material to LACA in January 2015. An additional collection of ephemera from 2010-2013 is sealed between the East facing wall in the gallery's location in Los Angeles' Chinatown. Numerous digital archives of exhibition photographs, meeting recordings, and google documents have yet to be consolidated. The collection was acquired through the efforts of co-executors Hailey Loman and Eric Kim (LACA) on the occasion of the Los Angeles Book Fair.


Objects of note in the Actual Size LACA collection include a thank you note written in crayon from a group of artists who mounted the collective exhibition and sitcom pilot “Pals”; a pressure compacted pirate towel; drawings by visitors of how they wanted their hair to be cut for the durational barber shop performance “Haircuts and Popsicles”; An early MP3 player from the director’s personal collection that was placed for sale for the exhibition and performance "Garage Sale";”mock ups of Actual Size postcard pack give-aways;  and ”Conjectures”- a book of jointing techniques  by Swiss based Artists Sami Benhadj and Tarik Hayward,  published on the occasion of their exhibition “Made Of Concrete”.


Actual Size has donated these materials with several aims: To expand the scholarship of alternative artist projects and gallery spaces in and outside of Los Angeles; to provide further research materials on the artists, makers, and viewers who have generously donated their time, energy, resources, and vision to activate Actual Size; and to contextualize each exhibition that has been mounted by the gallery; as well as to frame and reframe the gallery itself as an artwork, platform, and community project.


Selected artists and curators who have left their trace on Actual Size In order of participation include:


Lee Foley, Justin John Greene, Corrie Siegel, Samia Mirza, Bobbi Woods, Butchy Fuego, Eamon Ore-Giron, Autumn Ramsey, Tyson Reeder, Gaylen Gerber, Zach Kleyn, Marilyn Lowey, Natasha Newman- Thomas, Evan Ross Murphy, Josh Lee, Katie Herzog, Aaron Brown, Aaron Wrinkle, Adam Cruces, Bjarki Bragason, Brad Troemel, Carlos Laszlo, Charles Irvin, Christopher Michlig, dev01ded, Dmitri Hertz, Emily-Rose Wagner, Eugene Kotlyarenko, Gustavo Herrera, Joanna Leitch, Justin Swinburne, Keith Rocka Knittel, Lindsay Lawson,  Maliea Croy, Mark Essen, Morrisa Maltz, Matt MacFarland, Max Hegedus, Michael Decker, Michael Ray-Von, Pascual Sisto, Robert Becraft, Sean Boylan, Spencer Douglass, STEEL5000, Tony Banuelos, Yogi Proctor, DJ AEIOU, FEMKA project, Keith Rocka Knittel, Sam Davis, The White Widow, Eduardo Consuegra, Parker Davis, Justin Cole, Akiko and Hashim Bharoocha, Alex Klein, Brian Roettinger, dublab, Eamon Ore-Giron, Golden Hits, HIT + RUN, Julio Cesar Morales, Lucky Dragons, OJO, Teebs, and The Collapsible Mammals,Wilson Chang, Tyler Jamison, Richard Lidinsky, PJ Risse, and Natascha Snellman, Larry Fink, Alex Prager, J Patrick Walsh (JP3), Christopher Miles, Adam D. Miller, Allison Schulnik, Nora Shields, Sharon Lockhart, Danielle Adair, Karen Adelman, Tim Becker, Sean Boylan, Gerald Davis, Fay Davis-Jeffers, Dave Deany, Rob Doran, DSS, Max Duck, Corey Fogel, Frosty, Butchy Fuego, Ben Goddard, M. Geddes Gengras, Gene Hazel and the Artificial Lights, Daniel Hope, Julia Hotler, Charles Irvin, Fritz Meier, Nadda Noor, Onkyovision, Pit- Er Pat, Heather Porcaro, Renata Raksha, Sarah Rara, Michael Ray Von, Parisa Rezvani, Benny Reiss , Aaron Rose, Alex Schniderman, Seventy-five Librarians in Denmark, Sun Araw, Joseph Stewart , Mark Verabioff, Kenneth Tam, Natalie Labriola, Sean Kennedy, Spencer Douglass, Gustavo Herrera, Aaron Wrinkle, David Abir, Ali Bailey, Scott Benzel, Guy de Cointet, Larry Bell, Doug Edge, Cayetano Ferrer, Katie Herzog, Laura Owens, Ed Ruscha, Barbara T. Smith, Sami Benhadj , Tarik Hayward, Lucy Chinen, Nathan Vincent Hertz, Eric Kim, Max Maslansky, Omar Mirza, Renata Raksha, Evelena Ruether, Eduardo Sanchez, Dr. Jerry Siegel, Steve Turner, Theodora Allen, Michael Dopp, Kathleen Ryan, Justin Swinburne, Yelena Zhelezov, Amy Howden-Chapman, Eugene Kotlyarenko, Sam Davis, Claire L. Evans, Paul Salveson, Martine Syms, Erich Bollmann, Deanna Erdmann, Esmeralda Montes, Orlando Tirado, and Paul Waddell, John Berdel, David Gilbert, Daniel Lane, Hailey Loman, Calvin Marcus, Orion Martin, Paul Pescador, Josh Peters, Christina Quarles, Vincent Ramos, April Street, Gaea Woods, The Sister Ruby Band, Crown Shape, Katie Aliprando, Amanda Hunt, Stephen Lapthisophon, Marco Braunschweiler, Tristan Bravender, Tanya Brodsky, Alice Clements, Nicole Costales, Erik Dell, Jay Erker, Sayre Gomez, Charles Irvin, Fran Krauss, Guthrie Lonergan, Danielle McCullough, Justin Monestime, Peter Moran, John Pearson, Heather Porcaro, Guan Rong, Drew Rosas, Jennie Ross, Marina Pinsky, Diane Siegel, Skip Snow, Sylvie Spencer, Lily Spitz, Maude Standish, Geoff Tuck, Christine Varney, Daniel Kiczales, Tanja Schlander, Rona Yefman, Rumaisa Rahman,  Zack Ritter, Sarah Bassin, Academy Records, Steven Lacy,His Master's Voice, Holland Greco, Zach Kleyn, L!sted, Pistol McFly, Drew Rosas, Charlie Wadhams, Bryan Lee Brown, Bill Raden, Richard Bott, Mike Armstrong, Jo Jo's Spa II Hoop Girls, Jim Brown, Conor Thompson, Jiehao Su,Katie Bachler, Rosa Barba, Diane Best, the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI), Bobby Furst, Mariah Garnett, Giovanni Jance, Stanya Kahn, Cheryl Montelle, Hillary Mushkin, Radio Free Joshua Tree, Steve Rowell, Kim Stringfellow, Julie Tolentino,Toro Castaño, Basak Cömert, Amanda Courtney, Clare Eberle, Corey Mansfield, Julia McCornack, Katherine Rosenheim, Sonia Seetharaman, Sasha Ussef, Nicole Wallace, Connie Butler, Sarah Andrea Manuwal,Ben Pruskin, Julie Schustack, Santi Vernetti, C.W. Moss, Alika Cooper, Viviana Druga, Tata Christiane, Derek Frech, Park Myers,Wrong Solo, Catherine or Kate, Clark Beaumont, Laura Brown


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