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April 17 - April 2

A part is a group exhibition featuring works by Will Dai, Erica Doo, and Phyllis Sun. This exhibition explores the qualities of smaller components within a larger collective. The origin of each piece is rooted in the artists’ personal life experiences or relations. The works explore consequences and inquiries that arise due to natural occurrences of separation. A careful aspect of growth and underlying nostalgia is conveyed through themes of continuity and reflection. These themes explore the transcendental progression from one point of the artists’ lifelines to the arrival of another, and the subsequent significance that manifests in self-reflection and community.


Each artist has concentrated on a subject that is a fundamental part, whether a person, place, or experience, of whom he or she is. A part shines light on the components that are essentially part of a greater whole while also indicating the individual nature of each separate piece. Consequently, the show becomes a divisible whole with no sense of finality. Though a collection of questions stemmed from notions of traditions and rituals are posed, there is no true answer to be reached.


A part also refers to the emotional and physical experience of being away. The works reflect on the heavy ties that bind us, the strains created by time and distance, and the essential connections that allow us to return. That being said, the artists do not articulate a finite resolution, rather they present the facts and allow the viewer to find his or her own answers to the questions that may arise.


Phyllis Sun will be completing her BFA at the Roski School of Fine Arts, University of Southern California in May 2011 with an emphasis in photography, drawing, and graphic design. Her photography has been featured at Roski School’s Annual Stop Down in 2009 and 2010. Additionally, she has designed catalogues and education platforms for institutions, such as the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. She has also worked at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions based in Hollywood, CA where she assisted the Los Angeles collective Fallen Fruit with their summer exhibition. She lives and works in Los Angeles currently.


Erica Doo is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Southern California, anticipating graduation in May 2011. Doo is majoring in Fine Arts and works in both photography and graphic design. She currently works at the USC Roski School of Fine Arts, and recently exhibited work in Pluto was a Planet at the Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery. Will Fengming Dai is an international Chinese artist who is currently living and working in Los Angeles. His work encompasses various mediums such as design, photography, videography and music. Having spent his life in many different cultural environments an social conditions,


Will’s art making explores the transient quality of life and the self reflection and personal growth throughout the transcendence of time and places. Will is soon to be a graduate of the Roski School of Fine Arts at USC with a Bachelor degree in studio art. Hid work has been selected to be included in several exhibitions and group shows based in Roski.

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