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July 27 - August 3, 2013

In conjunction with the 4th annual Perform Chinatown festival, Actual Size is pleased to present Garage Sale on Saturday, July 27th and August 3rd, from 12-5pm. Garage Sale features objects and artwork contributed by artists, collectors and hoarders.


The objects on display will be available at bargain prices for one day only. Each item available for purchase will be presented with a tag disclosing its story. This performative fundraiser will be accompanied by garage band performances and specialty lemonade refreshments. All profits from Garage Sale will support future programming at Actual Size.


Contributors include:
John Burtle
Marco Braunschweiler
Tristan Bravender
Tanya Brodsky
Alice Clements
Nicole Costales
Erik Dell
Jay Erker
Lee Foley
Sayre Gomez
Justin John Greene
Katie Herzog
Charles Irvin
Fran Krauss
Guthrie Lonergan
Danielle McCullough
Samia Mirza
Justin Monestime
Peter Moran
Parisa Rezvani
John Pearson
Heather Porcaro
Renata Raksha
Vincent Ramos
Tyson Reeder
Guan Rong
Drew Rosas
Jennie Ross
Katie Ryan
Marina Pinsky
Corrie Siegel
Diane Siegel
Skip Snow
Sylvie Spencer
Lily Spitz
Maude Standish
Martine Syms
Geoff Tuck
Christine Varney
Gaea Woods
Aaron Wrinkle


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