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Independence/ Dependence

Performance and Workshops

Public Workshops

Sunday, December 3rd 

Sunday, December 10th

20 minute workshops on the hour every hour, 1 - 5 pm


Closing Reception and Performance

Sunday December 17th, 8 - 10 pm

Performance at 9pm


Actual Size is pleased to announce "Independence/ Dependence" a workshop series and performance by artist Erin Gigl within the exhibition Mirrors Numbers Waves. 'Independence/ Dependance' is part laboratory/ part self-observation/ part (possible) healing exercise and catharsis to harness the constructive. Mirroring the form of expressive therapy and loosely interpreting Augusto Boal's 'Theatre of the Oppressed", the workshop experience allows the spectator to become participant. Individuals will move their bodies through notions of vulnerability, embarrassment and personal, autonomous power. The structure of this series of public, experiential sessions will be guided by prompts from a 1970's pedagogical booklet entitled 'Developing as a Person,' along with other pertinent questions that confront ideas of independence and dependence- how one attaches to group mentality. These workshops will develop towards the final performance presented for the public on December 17th. If you wish to perform in the final presentation please contact Erin Gigl at

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