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April 23 - April 25, 2011

The Aristotelian theory of motion describes anti-peristasis as a force of opposition by which the object being opposed gains strength. In this manner anti-peristasis relates most directly to Isaac Newton’s first and third laws of motion. If this refers to the creation of an opposing force or movement, then logically peristasis would mean the halting of a force or the stopping of a movement. However, the term has not been recognized in the context of physics. Rather, rhetorically it refers to the description of attendant circumstances such as time and place.


In the three-day exhibition Peristasis, currently on view at Actual Size gallery in Los Angeles, artist Josh Dunn and Devon McDonald-Hyman present two overlooked and forgotten histories.


Devon McDonald-Hyman currently attends the USC Roski School of Fine Arts and the School of Cinematic Arts. Past exhibitions include Dear, Lindhurst Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, and Careful. Station Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Devon lives and works in Los Angeles.


Joshua Jett Dunn is an photographer currently living in Los Angeles and studying at the University of Southern California. He will graduate in the spring and move to Dallas to continue his photographic work. To date his works have been shown in the Fisher Gallery at USC, 3001, the Helen Lyndhurst Gallery, and currently the Actual Size gallery.

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