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Saturday, July 21st, 7-10pm, Program will begin promptly.

In association with the fourth annual Perform Chinatown festival, Actual Size Los Angeles is pleased to present Lectures and Salad, a series of 10 minute lectures on a broad range of subjects from tutorials to art, history and science, each paired with a specific salad course. Lecture topics include: Reducing Your Digital Footprint, The Function of Sleep, Redlight Lacuna, Spheres, and The Studio Visit. There will be 5 minutes for questions and discussion after each 10 minute lecture.


Program includes: Lucy Chinen, Marcus Herse, Nathan Vincent Hertz, Eric Kim, Max Maslansky, Omar Mirza, Renata Raksha, Evelena Ruether, Eduardo Sanchez, Dr. Jerry Siegel, Steve Turner, and guests.

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