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NADA 2015 A+WS reading room with Los Angeles Contemporary Archive special collection


The collection at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) is not limited to Los Angeles, California. LACA has gathered Los Angeles based art organizations and artist’s materials from its collection in order to act as a representative alongside Wendy’s Subway in New York and Aeromoto in Mexico. By combining portions of the collections it hopes to create a more diverse array of collection methodologies and regional concerns.


When looking through these items please notice the Dan Graham book entitled, “Pep Talk”. The Mountain School for the Arts stamp has been placed on the cover after its production. The Actual Size note that reads, “I just stepped out” offers insight into the facilities and the neighborhood of the gallery located on High Mart St. While moving through the collection of items please consider the size and the kind of materials artists considered to donate to the space. Open Niki Korth’s book entitled, “Pursuing an MFA San Francisco-CA #7”. LACA houses many of the diaries the artist wrote in while obtaining her degree. The envelope mailed to Francois Ghebaly Gallery was sent anonymously back to the gallery. It contains folded takeaways from Gina Osterloh show "Prick, Prick, Prick!" 


People can access the Actual Size archives as well as other material daily, Tuesday-Saturday 12-6pm. 

Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) 

2245 E Washington Blvd 90021


NADA A+WS Reading room

Pier 36 Basketball City 299 South Street, New York

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