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NOTES ON THE DANCE: Wrong Solo, Catherine or Kate, and Clark Beaumont 

Curated by Laura Brown

December 6, 2014 - January 10, 2014


Actual Size is pleased to present Notes on the Dance, an exhibition that brings together a trio of collaborative works to Los Angeles from the East coast of Australia. Featuring works by Wrong Solo, Catherine or Kate, and Clark Beaumont, the project considers space and movement within the small, storefront gallery space as well as across the vast distances the artists and their work have navigated. 


The work presented in Notes on the Dance not only addresses movement through space but is also created through multiple processes of communication across a spatial divide. Although the artists featured maintain performance based practices, none of the artists will be physically present for the duration of the exhibition. The work displayed springs from letters written between collaborators online, personal reports of events from afar, and traveled experience. 


Wrong Solo's Dance Posters lie somewhere between concrete poetry and scores for dances performed in the past or the future. These documents attempt to bridge time and space but are deliberate in leaving their language loose. Catherine or Kate (CorK) set out to create another type of structure through letters the pair drafted to each other over Google Docs as a performance for their audience back home in Brisbane, Australia. These letters attempted to explore the nature of their collaboration, sharing the drafting process with others in real time albeit in a different time zone. Clark Beaumont probe the physical and social dynamics of working together, often adopting multiple female personas as an absurd and humorous language. Notes on the Dance will present their recent video work, Waiting for Barcelona, which they made while traveling together in Spain. The video watches the two women awkwardly wait in a Barcelona cafe for their DATE to arrive, sitting in the golden, breezy shade with wine in hand.


Wrong Solo consists of Agatha Gothe-Snape and Brian Fuata, who often collaborate with other artists to create their work. The pair draw on a shared history of performance and an interest in text and its articulation in order to present performances for known and unknown audiences.


Catherine Sagin and Kate Woodcroft are Catherine or Kate (CorK), although they have gone by different names in the past. The two constantly frame and reframe what it means to be work together 'collaboratively'. Recently they traveled together across the US in the hopes of taking a closer look at how comedy might factor into their 'working' RELATIONSHIP. 


Clark Beaumont is the collaboration of Nicole Beaumont and Sarah Clark. Their work consists mainly of live and mediated performance with themselves as subjects, often taking on the fictional and cinematic identities of women.

Laura Brown is a curator and writer living in Los Angeles.

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