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measuring with a bent ruler publication launch and performance 

Sunday, November 3, 7-9pm



Actual Size_publicationlaunch (1).jpg

Please join us in celebrating the publication launch for measuring with a bent ruler, a project with artists Neha Choksi, Dylan Mira, and Kandis Williams that unraveled over six weeks last summer at Actual Size.


The event will include a performance by Corey Fogel at 8pm.


Initiated through a series of conversations, the project pushed against a thematic group exhibition and considered the lines of exchange that are produced through the encounter of three practitioners, mostly strangers to one another. As presentations moved from one artist’s work to another—in the form of changing installations and events—the exhibition unraveled as an open-ended dialogue where each staging potentially affected the next. Audiences were invited to return during the exhibition run, which took the form of installations, unfinished works, late-night events, closed performances, and editing sessions.


More on the project here:


Publication design by Tanya Rubbak 


Curated by Suzy Halajian

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