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Saturday, April 25th 7-10pm 


Actual Size is pleased to present "Quick Draw", the opening event for "Drawn Together", a multi-part group exhibition that unfolds in several events and installations in April and May 2015. This project explores the many roles drawing plays in artist's practice through it’s subject and structure. "Quick Draw" invites artists and visitors to the gallery to informally work together to create collaborative drawings in the spirit of the surrealist game exquisite corpse. The products of these collaborations will be framed and hung as an exhibition while the event takes place. 

Considered a foundation of visual expression, drawings can provide insight to their creators process, and often a sense of immediacy or connection to the artist. Each drawing and draftsperson has their own dynamic relationship to this medium and tool. "Drawn Together" engages a varied selection of artists to share drawings from different points in their practice. The exhibition will feature a changing display of works and events that involve selected artists and visitor participants in order to reflect the shifting nature of drawing as a strategy, tool and medium.The exhibition will feature work by Kelly Akashi, Nora Berman, Seán Boylan, Edgar Bryan, Tanya Brodsky, Aaron W. Bjork, Gerald Davis, Michael Decker, Michael Dopp, Becket Flannery, Georgie Flood, Carey Garris, Katie Herzog, Elana Melisa Hill, Ian Hokin, Gala Porras-Kim, Hailey Loman, Matt MacFarland, Josh Mannis, Melissa Manfull, CW Moss, Benjamin Reiss, Lauren Satlowski, Conor Thompson, David Weldzius, Aaron Wrinkle, and Yelena Zhelezov among others.

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