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Reading Room


Image by Jane Mount



Sunday, February 25



Actual Size and Image Threads Collective is pleased to present Reading Room, an interactive, one-day casual library of photo books and zines that will exist within the exhibition Arboreal. Visitors are invited to enjoy coffee, snacks and conversation while exploring a selection of publications together. All are welcome and anyone who wishes is encouraged to bring their own favorite photo book, to share and discuss. Image Threads Collective is an art-centered workshop and teaching collective founded by Nathaniel Grann and Jenia Fridlyand, focused on bringing together artists, educators, and bookmakers to communities for a mutual exchange of ideas and experiences.


Arboreal is an exhibition of light-jet silver gelatin prints and a book of photographs by Virginia Wilcox. These images present a survey of trees inhabiting a mangled urban landscape that looks something like wilderness. Taken in Los Angeles parks, the photographs are formal studies, primarily concerned with texture, dimension, depth, and division of space. Human presence remains subtly traceable in the details: man-made objects scattered amidst brush, alterations to the landscape, and a feeling of searching and belonging to hidden spaces.



Open Sundays 1:00- 5:00 and by appointment.

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