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RENEW An exhibition by David Abir


February 11 - March 17, 2012

Actual Size is pleased to present Renew, a light and sound sculpture by David Abir. Abir’s first solo gallery exhibition, Renew acts as a movement in his monumental project, Tekrar. Designed to emulate the anatomical structure of the human ear, Tekrar consists of numerous phenomenological environments and sculptures that employ synesthetic techniques to shape space and experience.


A narrow passage guides visitors through Renew, a free standing sculpture that fills the gallery. This structure contains two sound sculptures. These objects moderate overlapping sound and spatial relationships that change with the progression of time. Engaging vocabulary pioneered by light and space artists like Robert Irwin, Doug Wheeler, and James Turrell as a vehicle, David Abir uses sound, lighting, and basic construction materials to build a sense of external and internal space.


The Farsi word for “repetition,” Tekrar references cycles and strategies of Persian classical music. Renew’s sound environment is composed of digitally manipulated Brahms phrases, fragmented into three separate recordings that play simultaneously, generating a continuous and ever-changing composition. Although Abir has constructed many iterations of Tekrar, he composes a unique musical piece for each installation. The tone of the music then determines the hue of softly effusing light. The first generation of Tekrar was commissioned in 2005 for a group show in San Sebastian, curated by Octavio Zaya. The sculpture was then further refined in 2007 when exhibited at the Aldridge Museum of Contemporary Art. Tekrar Level Four (2009) was shown at Pulse Miami. Tekrar Level Four at Art Platform Los Angeles (2011). LA Mart will be re-opened for viewing by appointment for the duration of the exhibition at Actual Size.


David Abir is an Iranian-American sculptor and composer. In addition to his own work, he has composed music and sound installations in collaboration with several artists, including Doug Aitken, Alfredo Jaar, Shirin Neshat, and Shahzia Sikander.


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