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Seán Boylan 

A Stranger Disappearing 

March 4 - April 1

Opening Reception: 

March 4

7 - 10 PM

Something is missing.  

Something uneasy . . .in the mix.  

A figure stands in the dark and stares outside from an inside (as seen from behind).  

This is something else that was something from before . . .so that should work.  

Nothing new-just kind of channel surfing-you know?

Actual Size is pleased to present A Stranger Disappearing, the first Los Angeles solo exhibition by Baltimore based artist Seán Boylan. Boylan choreographs objects and paintings together in an intuitive collage that evokes playful and surreal narratives. The exhibited works are accompanied by a mix tape of muzak pulled from Kmart in-store cassette tapes from the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Like the material relationships in the exhibition, the audio track merges different sensibilities and collides synthetic and natural elements to create a sense of the uncanny. 

Watch Trailer Here :

Seán Boylan (b.1984, Milwaukee, WI) lives and works in Baltimore, MD. He received his BA from Bard College and his MFA from Slade School of Fine Art in London. Recent exhibitions include Beach Episode, Kodomo, New York;  Irresistible Forces, Chin's Push, Los Angeles and The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five, Current, Baltimore. His work has also been shown at Arcadia Missa, London; Franklin St, Baltimore; Evening Hours, New York; and Gowen Contemporary, Geneva.  The artist also co organizes Rope in Baltimore with Stephen Booth and Ameila Meekins.




Open Sundays 1-5 and by appointment

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741 New High St. Los Angeles, CA 90012     (213) 290-5458

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