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#TEAM FOLLOW BACK: A project by C.W. Moss

July 26-August 23, 2014

"A leader can be anything, and a "Follower" one thing. I want to explore that one thing."- C.W. Moss


Actual Size is pleased to present #TeamFollowBack. Pervasive throughout various social media platforms, "Follow Back" hashtags carry with them a host of socio-cultural implications and bewildering energies. Part interactive experimental performance, and part revisitation and revision of Vito Acconci's Follow Piece (1969), C.W. Moss brings to Actual Size an exhibition and day-long performance worth following and "Following". Lolz


At noon on July 26, Moss will kick-off a 12-hour performance in which he will uninhibitedly follow individuals for a maximum period of two hours IRL. Moss will go wherever they may go, partaking in whatever they may do — in exchange for them Following his online social media accounts.


Expect: fog machines, bull horns, rave lights, cool drinks, ltd. edition sports jerseys, fun times, explorations into the depths of social media manias, and mooooore!




C. W. Moss is a person who likes the moment on a hill where two radio stations combine to become one singular song. He was raised in Missouri and currently lives in Los Angeles. He made Unicorn, founded a global research-based biopharmaceutical company, and has helped people work on something that will someday help them win the Nobel Prize.


Programmed by LA-based curator Santi Vernetti.



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